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I AM ONLY MARY is for anyone who is looking to get closer to God and to Mary, or anyone who is trying to create a stronger divine connection. The story of Mary gives us infinite lessons, and we can implement them in our everyday life. Reading this narrative-fiction will heal your soul, because it comes from a place of love and passion. There is no malice when you are doing God’s work. God will do wonders for you if you are honest and free of ill-intentions. If you have any interest in knowing how MARY spent her life and overcame the hardships she faced, then this book will definitely intrigue you.

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The idea of my book is to look at Mary as a fellow person. She lived out her own life in the flow of the history of her time, in her culture and from her own conscience in remote Nazareth. Her human life in this marginal and ancient land, as “the kid next door” for many people, and as a young Jewish girl was meant to be an example for us all. Her probable early life is a meditation worthy of our time. Each one of us shares the same mystery of being a living person in this vast universe, and has a calling from God to which we must say our “yes” and for which we must make our sacrifices.

We have sought to discuss the likely facts of her life without any improbable inventions as are found in some Marian novels. The facts of her life alone, in the context of God’s plan for her, have drama enough. They inevitably present her human side, with which we can identify, and her saintly side, which encourages us to imitation. As with many saints, one’s calling can include much drudgery, many sacrifices and many dry moments where it seems God may be distant. Mary shared the same calling each of us has, namely, living our life, sometimes joyous, sometimes tragic, for our Lord.

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Thomas W. Atzberger is an author based in Columbus, Ohio. He had a successful career as a lawyer and now he has dedicated his time to his true passion of writing. He got married to his beautiful wife Christina in 1970 and he has been with her ever since. Together they have had three children, all grown and adults now. The Book I AM ONLY MARY is inspired by the growth of their daughter and great niece. Watching them coming of age made him think about Mary’s journey, hence the concept for a book started to surface.

Thomas W. Atzberger

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For those who love learning and growth, an open mind finds a new viewpoint interesting, whether one agrees with it or not. Simply being aware of the details of the viewpoint expands the mind and is a payoff in itself. Many of us have to be reminded that almost everything worthwhile in our lives is hard at first. Learning to walk was hard, but gradually we learned and now it is effortless. In fact, it is amazing to see a tiny person try and try and try, and eventually walk around confidently.

The same holds true for our more advanced skills such as sports, music, art, learning etc. We forget these past struggles to learn and take them for granted now. In my teaching of English to recently naturalized citizens from places like Haiti or Eritrea, I see very intelligent people struggling with a language that never was their primary language. It takes so much effort, repetition and training. It takes focus, and commitment to master and coordinate the three legs of the stool: vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. What amazing things our minds are.

That is my vision with this little book. Mary was a person, like me. She skinned her knee, she feared for her life, she empathized with others. Regardless of one’s personal faith, all people, from intelligent non-believers to “People of the Book,” will find it interesting to look in on Mary on her personal journey.

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Be careful what you believe because that is what you will experience. Your belief system is a mechanism which is uniquely yours.

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