• 28 JANUARY, 2020
The Baby

It was early morning, Elizabeth began to feel contractions as she felt, “I think this baby’s coming now.”

Jonathan went to approach Naomi, the midwife who will assist Elizabeth in the childbirth process. Naomi is a trained and competent midwife and had extensive experience in dealing with complicated pregnancies. She had vast knowledge of how to perform natural birth at home. Among Jerusalem families, Naomi was considered a diligent woman who valued her work and demonstrated her devoutness, energy, and passion in her work. Therefore, she is respected by almost everyone. She lives five miles southwest of Jerusalem. Families living in the town of Ain-Karim and other far-flung areas take her assistance during complicated childbirths.

As Elizabeth’s Labor and Childbirth was nearby, she called on Naomi to help prepare for labor and delivery. Childbirth is challenging for women especially those who have no childbirth experiences earlier. Many women faced childbirth with some fear as complications might occur that make the birth process painful and difficult. However, with the help and support of an experienced and skilled midwife, the entire labor and birth process becomes safe and easy.

Naomi brought essential equipment and supplies that included fresh olive oil; various ointments to be warmed and applied to the body during labor, soft loofas, pieces of wool, and bandages for the infant. The other precautionary things comprise fruits, apples, quinces, and lemons that are given to mothers in case she has fainted. Moreover, Naomi required two beds, a hard one to use during labor and a soft one for the mother to rest after delivery. If beds are not available, a delivery chair will make labor easy.

Once the labor process began, Naomi make use of her experienced health professional expertise to make the birth process easy and painless for Elizabeth. For this purpose, Naomi applied olive oil to her left index finger and moved Elizabeth’s clothing to examine the cervix. Mary was asked to sit on the chair behind Elizabeth and hold her around from the back. At every contraction, the three made strong efforts to make the baby come out with ease. Elizabeth made four to five pushing efforts with each contraction. Finally, the last contraction worked successfully, Elizabeth pushed, and Naomi and Mary gently assisted. A beautiful child filled Elizabeth’s life with ultimate joy and pleasure. He was warm and cozy, his soft hands were wrapped in the linens. His eyes were closed, and he portray a picture of peace.

The whole family rejoiced and welcome a new member to their family. Mary prepared a meal for everyone. The parents organized family rituals for the newborn baby.

About The Book

To further read about various Jewish family rituals and traditions after childbirth, read the religious narrative fiction I Am Only Mary.

Reading the book will help you know the pious role of Mary. The narrative fiction I Am Only Mary by Thomas W. Atzberger makes Mary accessible to us as a fellow Christian, emphasizing her humanity and her virtuous living of the call God gave to her. The book reveals Mary’s life and character elements we rarely know about. Mary, being a righteous and angelic adolescent showed her obedience and love for God by surrendering herself to God’s command.

The book is organized to give the readers the flavor of Mary’s probable life. It explains the Jewish culture, people engaged in cordial interpersonal relationships. They exhibited compassion, politeness, and care for each other. Community people make moral choices in their daily lives and worship their holy rituals and traditions. The mid part of the book deals with Mary’s adolescence when her betrothal process with Joseph was planned by both families when she received a vision from The Holy Spirit that Mary, being a blessed woman will conceive and bear a holy child.

This book is a must-read. The religious fiction, I Am Only Mary is available on different online platforms. Anyone who has a keen interest in knowing about Mary’s life will gain more knowledge about Mary's life and character. The probable details of Mary’s journey have been uniquely depicted in narrative fiction. Since the history and biography about Mary are hardly available, reading this prose meditation brings us close to her.

About the Author

Thomas Atzberger is a retired lawyer from Columbus, Ohio. He completed three years of college-level studies in a Catholic seminary before earning degrees from John Carroll University and the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. Thomas is an attorney by training and is a supervisor of stockbrokers. He has been married to his wife Christina since 1970, with three adult children. The inspiration to compile this amazing work comes from Thomas's life experience as a husband, father, uncle, neighbor, and relative of many in his extended family. His earnest feelings are that we should follow the virtuous living, and practice religious acts that work out our salvation. Thomas Atzberger aims to make Mary’s biography more interesting for the readers.